Killarney Park

Widgawa Lodge is the official Highway 6  Access
Point to Killarney Provincial Park,
from the north west.
At Widgawa Lodge, you may:
  • Pick up your KPP Interior Camping PERMIT
  • PARK your vehicle safely
  • Rent a state of the art ultralite CANOE
  • CAMP overnight, have a campfire
  • Stay in a CABIN, before & after your adventure
  • LAUNCH your canoe or kayak on the West River
  • PADDLE away into the wild beauty                                of the back-country.
Copyright Queen's Printer for Ontario
On your way into the park, if you have not already done so,
carefully consider reserving a cabin for the night of your return; 
so as not to be dissappointed when you are weary from your back-country adventure and 
wish for a hot shower and to rest in comfort for the final night of your northern vacation
and before your drive back to the real world!!!
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